Thinking big isn't just for big brands.


For us, a brand is not just a logo, but a promise of an experience. We invest the best of our skill set in giving life to your brand helping it grow over time.

We are passionate about the challenges of the innovation ecosystem. There is less time, less money and more uncertainty and our job is to help your business convert.

When you work with us, we become part of your team and you part of ours. We are not always ”Yes men” though and transparency helps us to achieve results for you, even if it sometimes means saying “no”.

Our core team is an international group of experts from the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands because we know that diversity is fundamental to creativity.


We are the next generation digital agency. We are Battalion.

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Strategy - Discovery, Research, Marketing Strategy, Campaign Strategy, Brand Strategy. Design - Brand Development, Identity Design, Product Design, Web Design, Service Design. Content - Branded Content, Content Creation, Video Production. Campaign - Campaign Management, Data Analytics, PR, Social Media, Event Marketing.



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